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Conformity Assessment

Conformity Assessment

The Story of SoBS

Somali Bureau of Standards SoBS was established by the Standards and Quality Control Act Law No. 27 in the year 2020.

It has been given authority to control product quality and the safety of consumers.

SoBS mandate covers standardization, metrology, and all conformity assessment activities; inspection testing, and certification.

SoBS is governed by an inter-ministerial board from stockholders

SoBS is the only quality infrastructure institution in the country.
It has been given many responsibilities by the Standards and Quality Control Act.


SoBS Quality Marks

Upgrading the standards and the quality of Somali products and services to promote consumer protection and competitiveness of the national economy.

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SoBS Partners

We are proud to cooperate with these partners like International, Regional & National Organizations for Standards and Quality Control

International Electrotechnical Commission