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National Quality & Institute

NQI under SOBS serves as a platform for enhancing Somalia’s quality infrastructure and fostering a culture of quality across the country and implementation of quality management systems.

Compliance & Enforcement

SOBS conducts inspection of goods at all Ports of Entry.Goods found non-compliant with Somali Standards shall be denied entry to the Somali Market.

Lab & Testing

Laboratories and Testing services evaluate products, systems, and processes to determine their compliance with standards.




Inspection is a set of procedures that Somali Bureau of Standards undertake to ensure that its products conform to a defined set of quality standards.

Market Surveillance

Ensuring product safety: Market surveillance aims to identify and address potential safety hazards associated with products and services.




Training and capacity building programs for professionals, regulators, and stakeholders in the area of quality management systems


A standard is a publication of a formal document (the standards), generally developed by consensus, containing the requirements a product, process or service should comply with. Standards are essentially voluntary in nature and producers can choose when to use them.


The data generated from mechanical metrology laboratories is critical for ensuring the quality, safety, and performance of mechanical components and materials used in various industries.


Somali Bureau of Standards (SOBS) is the sole service provider for Standards Certification to the industry in Somalia.Certification refers to confirmation or an attestation that products, processes, or systems of an organization meet the requirements of a standard or specification.


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