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What is Metrology?

Metrology– “The science of Measurement”- is the description of the process to establish weights
and measures as the basis for accurate measurements worldwide.
Metrology is divided into three basic overlapping activities:

  •  The definition of units of measurement
  •  The realization of these units of measurement in practice
  • Traceability—linking measurements made in practice to the reference standards

Basic sub-fields of metrology

  • Scientific metrology- concerned with the establishment of units of measurement.
  • Industrial metrology- the application of measurement to manufacturing and other
    processes in society.
  • Legal metrology- covering the regulation and statutory requirements for measuring
    instruments and methods of measurement.


  • Improves methods and means of measurement.
  • Promotes the development of a harmonized system of measuring, testing accuracy,
    necessary to make the industry competitive.
  • Supports trade in measuring instruments.
  • Provides society with accurate and trustworthy measurements.
  • Facilitates greater international standardization of products in general, machinery,
    equipment and measuring instruments.
  • Provides industry measurement tools necessary for research and development of specific
    areas and to define and control the quality of products.
  • Facilitates the exchange of scientific and technical information.
  • Control of fraud.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Reduced disputation & transaction costs.
  • Full national benefit for commodity export.

Our sections

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