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Benefits of certification scheme

As the sole provider of certifications, the Somali Bureau of standards is premeditated to help local suppliers implement and comply with quality and food safety management systems as required by their customers in the high-value domestic markets.

Certification will ensure that there is continuous improvement of processes, product quality, product packaging, management commitment, and employee training.
The certified local supplier’s scheme will give confidence to large buyers and consumers on the safety and hygiene of local suppliers in:

  • Facilitating business interaction outside the country and helps Somalia products to have better images in both national and international markets.
  • Enabling companies to comply with relevant laws and regulations thus facilitate products of Somalia to be recognized and accepted easing the entry into regional and foreign markets.
  • Speeding up the introduction of innovative products to market
  • Providing interoperability between new and existing products, services, and processes
  • Make interoperability of components made by different companies possible, and
  • Protect suppliers from unfair competition by ensuring safety, and market equity of their products